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The CARE Program

The CARE Program aims to help survivors and their supporters (friends, family, romantic partners, and other loved ones) learn ways to communicate that can support recovery after an unwanted sexual experience. The CARE Program involves just two video-based appointments.

CARE is available to survivors and supporters age 14+ who enroll together in a voluntary and confidential research study within 10 weeks of an unwanted sexual experience. Survivors enroll by completing a phone screening and selecting the supporter of their choice. Participation involves completing five surveys over 3 months and receiving the CARE Program either right away or in 3 months. Survivors and supporters can each earn $100+ in gift cards. 

Visit takecareaftertrauma.com or call/text (206) 819-6131 to see if this study might be a good fit for you.

Check-in with yourself

Check-in With Yourself is an online tool to help young adults in Washington State reflect on feelings, learn coping strategies, and improve well-being.

Project Better

Project Better uses text (SMS) messages to provide support and promote healthy coping following exposure to traumatic or stressful events. We hope to learn whether simple text messages can help change people’s drinking and distress – we are passionate about understanding reactions to stressors and providing support to as many people affected by stressors as possible!
Visit https://sites.uw.edu/project-better or fill out the Project Better screener to see if this study might be a good fit for you.