After you reach out to us, we’ll give you a call to go over some information on study procedures and ask brief screening questions. If it seems like it may be a good fit, at the end of this call we’ll schedule your initial appointment which usually will happen within 1-2 weeks of your screening call. If you are not eligible for the study at this point, we will talk through information about other resources. 

Intake and randomization

You’ll meet over Zoom with one of our assessors who will go over additional information about the study then assess whether the study is a good fit for you. Once your intake is complete, you will either be eligible for the study and move on to the randomization appointment or we will provide you with referrals. The randomization appointment is over Zoom and will involve completing some surveys, participating in a lab task, and finding out what treatment you’ll be in. 


Treatment will take place across 2 phases each lasting 3 weeks. For phase 1, you will be randomly assigned to one of the following: imaginal exposure (IE), alcohol skills training (AST), or supportive telehealth (ST). The treatment you’re in for phase 2 depends on what you received for phase 1. If you were in ST you’ll receive 6 more sessions of that same treatment. If you were in IE or AST, you’ll be randomized a second time where you’ll have an equal chance of receiving the other treatment or no additional treatment. 


We will schedule check-ins with you to assess how you are doing at 1, 2, and 6 months into participation. These appointments will take place over Zoom with your intake assessor and a research coordinator and will involve an interview and completing some surveys.